Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse



Mechanical and plumbing design were incorporated when building this new 5 story courthouse for the City and County of Denver in the historic Civic Center District. Totaling 320,000 square feet, the building houses 35 courtrooms, including one Special Proceedings Jury courtroom with seating to accommodate up to 120 spectators. The building also contains holding cells, jury deliberation rooms, conference rooms, office space, and an underground parking garage. The courthouse houses both criminal and juvenile state and county courts. This project is LEED-NC 2.2 registered. *

In 2016, MDP provided MEP design services for the addition of the Warm Welcome Child Care space at the Lindsey Flanigan Courthouse. This interior renovation included 3,000 square feet of space. The space was initially prepped to be a courtroom and was connected to the central air from the main base building system. MDP utilized the main system to serve the new fan powered boxes for the daycare. For the electrical, we simply connected to the existing base building electrical system. For plumbing, the project required various restrooms including one specifically for children, so plumbing had to be redesigned. The daycare also required a washer and dryer, and due to layout of the building the dryer could not be vented, so MDP utilized a heat pump dryer to serve the space.

*Initial project was completed prior to MDP




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